Why Ripplebox?



Designed for anglers by anglers, our innovative silicone channels make storing and changing your flies quick and easy, even when the conditions are against you. Ripplebox is the fly box we always wanted to take fishing, and it's 100% manufactured in the UK. 

Why plastic?

It is estimated that more than 6.5 billion tons of plastic, 79% of all plastic ever made, is now either in landfill or the natural environment. But the properties that make plastic waste so damaging in our environment are the same ones that make products precise, lightweight and durable.

At ripplebox we believe great products should last a lifetime, and this means using materials that are up to the job. Ripplebox is made using silicone, polycarbonate, nylon and stainless steel and we have taken great care to ensure each material remains 100% recyclable. We will never use adhesives, permanent fixings, or mixed materials in our production so everything we use can be separated, sorted and used again. 

We believe the added challenge to design our products to be easily recycled encourages us to think simply and develop only designs anglers will love. 

Where did it begin? 

Ripplebox is the intersection of passion and profession, developed by keen amateur fishermen and professional designers Josh and James, ripplebox is the result of a personal search for a better box. 

First discussed during a 2 week cycle / fishing tour of Scotland's west coast, when our first session in unforgiving conditions left fly boxes in tatters, and hiding within open jackets trying to prevent flies escaping.

Each night huddled around camping stoves, trying to restore order to our flies we talked of how great it would be to quickly place flies of all sizes and types anywhere in the box, without worry of them moving. We talked about weather tight seals, hanging lanyards and clear view lids.

Now 2 years on we are delighted to be releasing our first ripplebox, and hope you will enjoy fishing with them as much as we do.