A new generation of fly box

15 full length fly channels

Made in UK

Integrated competition fly gauge

Video Review from Nick Thomas

"Simply the best fly box I've ever used"

Take a look at this review from Nick Thomas as he shows you the advantages of ripplebox over other fly boxes.


At first glance, the Ripple box doesn’t look all that impressive. But once you start using it, the genius of the design quickly becomes apparent.

Jason Klass - tenkaratalk.com


It's not very often I test a product which is a real joy to use - ripplebox is a refreshing change and truly innovative. Being able to arrange vastly different size flies together without the constraints of slits is so refreshing.

David Johnson - www.peaksflyfishing.com

A smart solution to an age old problem and you can quote me on that!

Brian Bennett - www.moldychum.com

A fantastic little box, perfect for nymph or dry fly fishing in your local stream or burn

Malcolm Anderson - www.caledoniaflies.co.uk


Nice to see some thoughtful innovation in fly box technology. Looking forward to seeing the full production versions. Easy to load and unload your flies, holds them snuggly plus donation to the Wild Trout trust. Excellent.

Kris Kent

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